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Time:2019-04-28 12:00:00

Insulation products from the material is divided into two kinds of glass vacuum thermos flasks and stainless steel vacuum thermos flasks, the former are common thermos bottle, insulation boxes, glass liner insulation Cup, which is stainless steel mug. Whether small mouth, large mouth, portable, desktop pedestal, optional methods have similarities, specific products work a little depending on the circumstances. Now make a brief presentation on the glass and stainless steel thermos mug selection.

Stainless steel mug can be used as identification method:

(1) thermal insulation properties Simple identification method: Pour boiling water will tighten in the clockwise mug cork lid for 2-3 minutes or touch the surface of the cup around them by hand, if the cup (pot) body obviously warmed phenomenon , especially in the lower part of the cup body heat, indicating that the product has lost vacuum, can not achieve good insulation effect, while holding the lower part of the cup is always cool. Myth: Some people use your ears to determine whether there is sizzle insulation performance, whether the ear is not a vacuum.

(2) sealing performance recognition method: in the cup (pot) after adding water, clockwise tighten the cork or lid, the cup (pot) flat on the table, should be water seepage; cup (pot) with lid cup screwing spin out should be flexible, there is no gap. Full glass of water upside down four or five minutes, or a few thrown hard to verify for leaks.

(3) plastic parts identification method: food-grade plastic new features: the smell of small, bright surface, no glitches, long life and aging. Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic features: smells great, gray color, glitches and more easily broken plastic easy to aging. This will not only affect life, but also affect water sanitation.

(4) Capacity simple identification method: the depth and height of the tank shell basically the same (a difference of 16-18mm) capacity consistent with the nominal value, some domestic brands in order to cut corners to make up for lack of material weight in the cup (pot) add sand, cement block. Myth: cup (pot) heavier it is not necessarily good.

(5) stainless steel simple identification method: Stainless steel material specifications, many of them represented here 18/8 stainless steel containing 18% chromium and 8% nickel, to achieve this standard material, consistent with national food grade standards is a green product, anti-rust products ,preservative. Ordinary stainless steel cup (pot) body color rendering cup white or dark, will produce rust if placed in a concentration of 1% saline soak for 24 hours, it contains some elements of overweight, direct harm to human health.

(6) The appearance of the cup identification method. A look outside the gall bladder and the surface finish is uniform, whether there are bumps and scratches flaws; second look mouth welding is smooth consistency, it relates to drink when feeling is comfortable; three to see whether the internal seal tight, plug and cup matches; four to see the cup, the more the better round.

(7) Check the label cups and other accessories. To see whether the marked product name, capacity, caliber, manufacturer's name and address, the standard number used, usage and use precautions. A quality-conscious manufacturers, will be in strict accordance with relevant national standards require express its performance.

Customers should also note that in the selection of products, not only the appearance, but also pay attention to the specification whether the insulation products. Now some of the products look generous, very similar insulation products, but there is no insulation properties. If a "wonderful Cup", green grass of the cup body, fine shape, smooth lines, feel comfortable, the product is not consumer fraud, because the instructions have to be marked clearly can do "hands warm in winter, summer is not hot" consumers should blame only themselves to blame eyes.

We buy glass thermos, but also with the following identification methods:

Look Baowenrongqi silver coating uniformity, does not fall off, unscrew the base, below the vacuum exhaust port intact.Mug (pots, bottles) Use Precautions:

Mug not long bloom juice, milk, tea or carbonated drinks, the first time you need to use a neutral detergent wash thoroughly




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