How mug keep it clean?

Time:2019-04-29 12:00:00

We know that more and more mug is loved by the people, but the cleanliness of the cup was overlooked. The surface looks very clean, if you do not regularly clean the glass, it may contain a lot of bacteria inside. As we like skin surface looks very clean pores actually contains a lot of garbage, so easy to acne. Like regular tea cup would certainly have tea scale, dirt and tea contain cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metals, serious harm to our health. And a female friend in the cup remaining lipstick is also very easily absorbed air of harmful substances and pathogens. So clean the mug becomes heavy and heavy.

Since Unlike mug cup, his capacity may be large than normal glass, especially some of the wide mouth pot, travel pot, are relatively large, relatively deep, it is generally not a good cleaning. As a general travel frequently travel mug like to bring someone, use it to make tea, although able to drink hot tea, but also easier to dirty cup. Clean the problem has become a major problem if we just rinse it with water just is not enough, a lot of dirt adsorbed on top of the cup. Then how to remove tea scale or oil it? We are a good way to teach you the recipe decontamination: 1, squeeze some toothpaste brushing back and forth in the inner wall of the cup 2, with 3 broken egg shell scrub with a sponge dipped in rubbing salt can be easily removed 4, add the potato skin to scrub, can be coupled with toothpaste swipe the better, and finally rinse with water just fine, and most of these cleaning agents are the main safety can be assured, unlike most of the cleaning agent is a chemical synthesis, and to the oil effect is very it is good. After cleaning the cover do not cover, so as not to dry mug stink.

If it is very Aihe Cha friend and travel frequently, I suggest that you use our cup of this tea, because regular tea mug, it is easy to dirty cups, regular cleaning is very convenient, especially on a business trip. One of our main feature of this cup of tea, that is easy to clean, we can see his two can be disassembled, can be split into three pieces, so it, it is good to clean, we can directly hand the cup All the inner wall of the local scrub it again. Importantly, it has the same insulation capabilities. Another major feature is that he allows convenient tea separation function, we know that some people proficient in the tea ceremony, tea concentration, temperature, demanding, that we can be very simple to do. Because it's this function ah, but also ingenious solution to the mug of tea due to bad insulation and foam problems.




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